The story

80 years ago on June 12 Anne Frank was born.
To commemorate her and all the people who gave their lives for freedom, the music concert "Dear Anne" was written.

The concept and inspiration comes from the series of concerts that were given by Pavarotti and Friends for Warchild. Dear Anne is a symphony of different periods and styles supported by historical and contemporary film footage. The footage displayed chronologically World War II and the prosecution. A narrator tells the story. She makes the same journey that many have made during this trip and tells about the terrible events of the Holocaust.

Music, pictures, and dancing will take you into history and are reflected in contemporary life. Dear Anne makes us aware about the society in which we live today. About values. About respect and freedom. And what happened to Anne Frank and millions of people during World War II, could happen again.

Writer and Producer: Mahinder Toelaram
Music: Mahinder Toelaram, Pan Blasky, Jeroen Joustra
Pan Blasky
Sound and editing: Errol van Gurchom
Soloists: Robert Kops, Henny de Snoo-van Breugel, Mahinder Toelaram

Foto bij Auschwitz
Mahinder Toelaram
Photographed at
Auschwitz Concentrationcamp