Projects & Education

Dear Anne offers schools, arts and cultural institutions the opportunity in cooperation with the Dear Anne Team to realize projects and educational shows.

The projects and performances can range from a compact representation to a big concert or event where students, amateurs and professionals can work together.

The projects and performances are supported by the Anne Frank Fund,and Buddy Elias. Anne Frank's only family member still alive. In May 2009 he visited a concert of Dear Anne. The concert was given by the Thorbecke School of Rotterdam.

Students, teachers and parents could see and hear that Dear Anne more than a concert in honor of Anne Frank and the events during the Second World War. It is music across the board. Classical, opera, and pop, everything comes together in beautiful songs and music. Original historical images with contemporary images. Dance and emotion. Sadness how this could happen. And joy that we can live in freedom.


For more information about projects and educational shows.
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